About Us

Belle Energie LLC was founded by Tasia Adams, an ambitious woman who wanted to bring awareness of the healing properties of crystals. Creating a new platform to showcase culture, spirituality, and crystal tools that are used to balance energy and aid in healing the body. To truly be healthy, whole, and complete in every way it is essential to look after all three aspects; your mind, body, and spirit.
It still is taboo to talk about chakras, spiritual alignment, crystal healing, connecting to our high self and the Divine.
We live in a time where a mass amount of us are waking up to our purpose, our calling, our true origins, and our culture.
We, Belle Energie, decided to become a channel to help crystal, cultural jewelry, décor pieces and accessories get in the hands of everyone who needs them added to their collection, to start one, etc.
Along the way, we found amazing vendors from around the world that have handmade pieces and awesome accessories that are essential to obtain balanced energy. You will look and feel great wearing them.
We want to be your go-to for all divinity accessories.
Sincerely, with gratitude
- Belle Energie LLC

Rock them with pride!